Temporary Export Management

Our team of specialists is made up of people with excellent commercial and relational skills specialized in customer research and in the creation of business relationships with foreign companies. Through the development of winning strategies, our experts help small / medium Italian companies in the process of internationalization and growth on foreign markets.


Our marketing advisors are able to carry out a careful and detailed analysis that will allow the export advisors to reach the goals previously defined with our customers.  

Our team supports SMEs in the internationalization process by creating commercial offers and managing negotiations with foreign distributors / importers, mastering the language and having excellent communication skills. We follow every step of the negotiation until the order is completed. Once received, we will send it to our customer to be processed in accordance with the times established in the contract. 

Where requested, we take care of logistics, arranging for the collection of the product and delivery in the destination country. Through multiple transport companies dedicated to different areas of the world, by sea, land or air, we help our customers to complete the sale through our knowledge of international regulations, which is essential especially for markets outside Europe. 

Targeted commercial actions: 

  • Direct contact with the Leads;
  • Commercial offers;
  • Negotiation;
  • Orders management;
  • Logistics management;
  • International legislation management;
  • Customer care;
  • “Cross selling” action; 

We are committed to offering a service at the highest level so that our customers can feel satisfied and gratified. We remain in contact with them even after the contract has been closed to ascertain their satisfaction.

Our company also carries out cross-selling activities aimed at selling all of our client’s portfolio products. Finally, we have a team of native speaking professionals for multilingual interpreting and SEO.  

We care about customer satisfaction: we make sure that the customer has had a positive buying experience and if not, we are available to support through different channels. We provide answers to complaints and complaints quickly and try to find the best solution as soon as possible.


In this globalized business world a good interpreting service is essential to allow you to converse at the same time with people of different origins and languages. We have skilled and fluent professionals able to perform simultaneous, consecutive, telephone interpreting, for business or group interviews for company meetings, fairs or events. A company meeting with foreign guests requires professional staff to ensure the success of the event.

Our experts are also available for commercial, marketing and website translations. The texts are translated according to the standards, the conventions, the cultural and institutional peculiarities as well as the legislation of the destination country. Our team consists of professionals with an excellent and consolidated knowledge of the foreign language and country, constantly updated in the legal, economic, financial and technical fields. 

Our agency offers company profile translations, catalogs and advertising material using the most effective communication strategies thanks to profound linguistic and marketing knowledge. 

For a complete international operation, it is essential to have a website optimized on a linguistic and SEO level. Our specialists make their experience available to guarantee the client an excellent positioning on foreign search engines thanks to the choice of specific keywords in the various foreign languages.   Our agency offers an interpreting and translation service in ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN and CHINESE.