Legal Advisor

In international relations, legal issues are often complex and a proper solution is crucial to the success of an activity.

In times of globalization, International relations in the economic field have become, even for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, the daily reality. As a result, international consultancy is becoming increasingly important in order to be able to assert itself on the market and further develop its own business.

One of the strengths of our activity is the consultancy in favor of companies operating in the international field. Since the first steps, to takeing action abroad requires important economic and organizational resources. We assist the customer in properly assess the business opportunities offered by cross-border markets.

Areas of expertise: 

  • International Trade Law (Foreign Trade Law)
  • Drafting and revision of National and International Business Contracts (Contract 

Law), Legal and Commercial English, Arbitration, Conciliation 

  • Language mediation: Translation of contracts, minutes and

company documents in commercial and technical-legal English (and also in French, Spanish, German)

  • Protection of IPR (Trademarks and Patents, Licences of Know-how) and Copy Right, ad hoc drafting of Contracts for the transfer of technology
  • Customs law and international transport
  • Credit Risk Management and International Means of Payment
  • National and Transnational Labour Law and Trade Union Law
  • Network Aggregations and Contracts
  • Civil and Commercial Law

The agency offers to its clients the professionalism, experience and competence of its Professionals, Senior Trainers, teachers and freelancers with proven experience in the field of competence, providing consulting and training for enterprises on the entire Italian territory on the entire Italian territory.

Our company organizes and manages, independently or in collaboration with companies, Chamber Agencies, Confindustria territorial offices throughout Italy and other accredited Training Bodies, managerial training courses, high training courses and Short- Master, indoor business courses, seminars, country days.

The consultancy and training services we offer:

  • legal advice on International Contracts and Linguistic Mediation (Legal and Business English);
  • legal advice on Labelling;
  • legal advice on e-commerce;
  • legal advice on national and international arbitration;
  • Mediation and Conciliation
  • legal advice (out-of-court and judicial) on Labour Law and Trade Union Law
  • consultancy, organization and management of managerial training activities (courses for CCIAA throughout Italy and for institutions and companies, Smes and multinationals)
  • international means of payment, credit risk management;
  • outdoor and indoor courses(ad hoc training courses);
  • Translation services in Legal English, Commercial English and Commercial and German French.